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deidreequijadaa asked: How can I make a pixel bubble? :(


— 1 week ago
Anonymous asked: Do you have any App?


App? I don’t know what you mean by that, I’m sorry

— 1 week ago
100centaurstesticles asked: hi! i looked through your #aspect light tag but didnt find a rogue of light vnv can i request one?


Hmm, it’s right here, actually! Not sure why you didn’t see it! 

— 1 month ago with 1 note
mattythehitman234 asked: Im srry to bother you your majesty but i was wondering if thou has a Lord of Space pixel bubble? and if not, could you make one for a lonely peasent. :(

Answer: here you go, dear uvu. and for reference, all the Homestuck title bubbles are tagged according to aspect (in this case, #aspect space)

— 1 month ago